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21st Century Skills and Technology in the Social Studies Classroom

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Welcome to the mini-course "21st Century Skills and Technology in the Social Studies Classroom."  Designed for current and prospective Social Studies educators, this is a course to help you reflect on your role as a 21st century educator and to expose you to new educational practices and technologies.  During the course, you will learn about the 21st Century Education Movement and how to effectively prepare your students for their future as members of an interdependent world.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the application GoogleEarth and the process of blogging, as well as have been exposed to and brainstormed new lesson ideas to bring into your classroom.

          The Main Objective of This Course:

  • Students will understand what 21st century skills are, their relevancy to the social studies curriculum, and be able to create lesson plans that effectively teach/practice 21st century skills using technology within the context of social studies

            The Specific Objectives of This Course

              By the end of this mini-course students will be able to:

        1.  articulate the meaning behind "21st Century Skills"
        2.  explain the relevance of 21st century skills to their curriculum
        3.  evaluate lesson plans based on their instruction in/or use of 21st Century Skills
        4.  reflect on their current curriculum(s) and their connections to 21st Century Skills 
        5.  design basic lesson plans in their specific content areas that instruct/use 21st Century Skills and use new modern technologies



Course Outline:

   Unit 1: A Course Introduction (Click the link to get started!)

   Unit 2: What are 21st Century Skills?

   Unit 3: Using GoogleEarth to teach and practice 21st Century Skills

   Unit 4: Blogging as part of a 21st Century Classroom

   Unit 5: Reflecting on 21st Century Skills & Technologies - What will your 21st Century Classroom Look Like?



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