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What are 21st Century Skills

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In the last unit you explored how the world is changing and how the 21st century requires new knowledge and skills according to employers.  In this unit, we will spend time learning about those specific skills indepth and explore how the field of social studies can be used as a vehicle for encouraging student development of these skills.




Activity 1 : What are 21st Century Skills? Readings 

Focus Questions:  What are 21st Century Skills? How are they a response to changes in society?


21st Century Skills Framework: http://21stcenturyskills.org/documents/P21_Framework.pdf








Activity 2: Identifying 21st Century Skills

Focus Question:



Activity 3: Locating 21st Century Skills in Social Studies Lesson Plans

Focus Question:  How can 21st century skills be taught, practiced, or encouraged in a Social Studies Classroom?


Part A:

Review the lesson ideas for 8th and 12th grade as included in the following Social Studies Skills Map developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the National Council for the Social Studies. As you are reviewing the document, be sure to reference the 21st century skill(s) that are being focused on in the lesson (found at the top of each page). Notice how the task sample changes as the grade level increases.

Map: http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/documents/ss_map_11_12_08.pdfstudies .


Part B:

Download the attached document (Sample Social Studies Lessons.pdf )which contains sample social studies lesson ideas.  Reflect on each lesson and determine if 21st century skills are present, if so identify which ones and how. Once you have finished, compare your answers to the answer key.


Activity 4: 21st Century Skills and Technology


Activity 5: Unit Reflection

Now that you have deepened yourknowledge on 21st century skills, think about them as they relate to your teaching.

How are you currently teaching/practicing 21st century skills in your curricula? If you are not currently teaching/practicing 21st century skills, why not? 




Unit 3: Using GoogleEarth to teach and practice 21st Century Skills 

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