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Blogging as part of a 21st Century Classroom

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Unit Objectives:

  • identify the purpose behind blogging
  • become familiar with blogging practices 
  • identify ways blogging can be used to teach/practice 21st century skills  
  • design a lesson that uses blogging to teach/practice 21st century skills


Activity 1: Introduction to Blogging

Focus Question: What is blogging?


Read through the well-designed Blogging Tutorial found on the following link: http://www.blogbasics.com/blog-tutorial-1-1.php.


Quick Content Review: Blogging means you write blogs. Blogs are web-based journals or entries that can range in purpose, use, and level of interaction.


Activity 2: The Varying Uses of Blogging

Focus Question: In what different ways can blogs be used?


Visit each of the following websites (eachone represents a different type of blog) and complete the data sheet attached (). The data sheet asks you to explore and analyze the blog in terms of purpose, audience, structure, and level of interaction.


Activity 3: Analyzing Lesson Plans that Utilize the Blog

Focus Question: Specifically, how can blogging be used in the Social Studies Classroom?


Activity 4: Designing your own Lesson Plan

Focus Question: How can blogging be utilized in your classroom?

Lesson 5: Reflecting on 21st Century Skills Technologies - What will your 21st Century Classroom Look Like 

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