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Blogging as part of a 21st Century Classroom

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Unit Objectives:

  • identify the purpose behind blogging
  • become familiar with blogging practices 
  • identify ways blogging can be used to teach/practice 21st century skills  
  • design a lesson that uses blogging to teach/practice 21st century skills


Activity 1: Introduction to Blogging

Focus Question: What is blogging?


Read through the well-designed Blogging Tutorial found on the following link: http://www.blogbasics.com/blog-tutorial-1-1.php.


Quick Content Review: Blogging means you write blogs. Blogs are web-based journals or entries that can range in purpose, use, and level of interaction.




Activity 2: The Varying Uses of Blogging

Focus Question: In what different ways can blogs be used?

Blogs have different purposes, uses, and levels of interactivity.  Any individual, group, or organization can benefit from a blog.  This activity will help you see the differing uses of blogs in actions.


Visit each of the following websites listed on the attached worksheet (each one represents a different type of blog) complete the graphic organizer (Blog Analysis Data Collection Sheet.pdf ). The data sheet asks you to explore and analyze the blog in terms of purpose, audience, structure, and level of interaction.


Compare your answers to the answer key, located here: Blog Analysis Answer Key.pdf




Activity 3: Analyzing Lesson Plans that Utilize the Blog

Focus Question: Specifically, how can blogging be used in the Social Studies Classroom?


Directions: Use the lesson plan analysis form (same as prior units) to evaluate the following lesson ideas: Identifying 21st Century Skills in the Context of Social Studies Lesson Plans.pdf   Compare them with the answer key when you are finished.  


  • 11th Grade US History Students are asked to create a Current Events Blog.  Each month, they are asked to follow the news either via television, internet, or radio and three times a month, post a blog on current issues.  In the blog, they must summarize the current event and post their thoughts/reactions.  In addition, the students must post a discussion question related to the topic. Once-twice a month, students are given class computer time to read each others' blogs and comment on them and respond to the questions. US History Blogging Current Events.pdf
  • 12th Grade Economics students working on a personal budget project, post their findings in their blog.  For example, one aspect asks them to price a car and figure out after taxes and fees, what their monthly payment would be.  Students would post a blog entry on what type of car they are buying, what the price of the car is, cost of taxes, and mathematical formulas used to figure out the monthly payment.  In addition to blogging their progress, students pair up to critique one another's budget project and provide useful feedback (for example: you forgot to include interest on your principal in your payment).  The blogs become part of the students' senior portfolio and other teachers and community members review it. 12th Grade Economics Budget Project.pdf
  • 7th Grade US History:  Students are studying the American Revolution.  Students are asked to assume the role of either a Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral American during the American Revolution. As students move through their study, they are asked to post a blog on the topic of the day (Boston Massacre, Tea Party, Declaration of Independence, etc.) from the perspective of their person.  In English Class, students work on editing and revising their blogs. 7th Grade Blog American REvolution.pdf



Activity 4: Designing your own Lesson Plan

Focus Question: How can blogging be utilized in your classroom?

Think about a specific 21st Century Skill (or multiple skills, but simplicity is helpful when first starting) and aspect of Social Studies that is relevant to your curriculum and brainstorm a lesson plan.  Focus on the following questions:

  • What skill are you teaching, practicing, or applying?
  • What social studies content are you teaching, practicing, or applying?
  • How will blogging be used to teach the above?


If you'd like to share your Blogging lesson plan, please post it in the comment section below.



Lesson 5: Reflecting on 21st Century Skills Technologies - What will your 21st Century Classroom Look Like 

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