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Application of PB Works in the Classroom

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Application of PB Works in the Classroom



Technology is part of our students’ lives outside the classroom and should be part of their experience within the classroom. However, integrating technology into the curriculum can be difficult without resources to help you balance content with technology. The Application of PB Works in the Classroom mini course will help teachers bridge this gap between should do and can do. Course participants will be guided through the creation of a wiki space on PB Works and will receive resources from multiple content areas in the integration of this technology as a complement to the curriculum. Participants will learn how wiki spaces can be used to capitalize on classroom diversity in a technology based cooperative learning environment.

Course Objectives


Participants will reflect on wiki page integration into their curriculum meeting the following objectives:

  • understand benefit of technology integration in 21st century education
  • identify the benefit of wiki pages in collaborative learning
  • classify the types of learners that will benefit from wiki collaboration 
  • reflect on success of meeting content objectives in wiki examples
  • reflect on own content that could utilize a wiki


Participants will create a PB Works wiki page meeting the following objectives:

  • create a wiki with a front page and one additional page containing images and links
  • create log-in names and passwords for 5 students to edit the wiki

Course Prerequisites 



  • Participants must have the basic knowledge of computers including how to use a mouse, how to type, how to use word processing and how to browse the internet.
  • Participants must know how to identify objectives.
  • Participants must know how to analyze the affectiveness of a lesson at meeting the objectives. 
  • Participants must know the benefit of collaborative learning.
  • Participants must know the different learning types.



  • Participants positive attitude toward integrating technology into the classroom.
  • Participants knowledge of the prevalence of technology in our world.
  • Participants knowledge of wiki pages as a tool to bring technology into the classroom.
  • Participants positive attitude toward technology integration will help them see wiki pages as a benefit. 
  • Participants knowledge of the types of learners in their classroom.
  • Participants knowledge of areas of own curriculum that can be improved through collaborative learning. 



Unit 1: Technology in 21st Century Education




Unit 2: Construction of a Wiki



Unit 3: Wiki Cooperative Learning




Unit 4: Conclusion 



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