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Unit 1: Introduction to 21st Century

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Unit 1: Introduction


Technology is everywhere...




Participants will understand the benefit of technology integration in 21st Century Education.


Getting Started


Think about the prevalence of technology in our world.


Watch the video below:

Did you know?



Click on the tab "Edit" and finish the sentence below in your own words.

I have given you a few examples to get you started (Please initial your post). When you are finished click "Save" on the bottom left. 


Technology is...

something I use everyday. VW

my computer. VW

inescapable in the 21st century. KY 








The list we created could go on forever because technology is all around us.

What impact does this have on our world? What impact does this have on learning?



Throughout the rest of this course we will look at how the world has changed in the 21st century and  the impact this has on learning.

You will learn how to meet the needs of our changing world through proven pedagogy placed in a technology based environment.

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Unit 1.2 : 21st Century Thinking


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