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Unit 2: Cooperative Learning

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Unit 2: Wiki Cooperative LearningWiki technology can be a useful tool in 21st century education. This is because wikis are online work spaces where multiple people car view and edit content in collaboration with one another. Let's look at the benefits of cooperative learning and how technology can enhance these benefits.


Participants will identify the benefit of wiki pages in cooperative learning.

Participants will classify types of learners that will benefit from wiki collaboration.

Participants will reflect on success of meeting content objectives in wiki examples.

Participants will reflect on own content that could utilize a wiki.  

Benefits of Cooperative Learning


Read the passages below:


Theory Behind Social Interaction


Effective Learning and Cooperative Learning Methods


Capitalize on Diversity



Reflect on the theory and methods behind cooperative learning.

What elements make cooperative learning affective?

What types of students would benefit from cooperative learning?

How can we assess the interactions our students have?


Click the "Edit" tab. Initial your comments and click "Save" when you are done.










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