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Unit 1: 21st Century Thinking

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Unit 1.2 : 21st Century Thinking



"Literacy in the 21st Century will mean the ability to find information, decode it, critically evaluate it,

organize it into personal digital libraries, and find meaningful ways to share it with others.

Information is a raw material - students will need to learn to build with it."

- Thomas Friedman "The World is Flat"

Education in the 21st Century will be different than the past due to the continued spread of technology throughout our society.


Watch the video clip below to see how information iis changing our world:

Information Revolution


Click on the link below to learn more about thinking skills for the 21st Century:




Reflect on the video clip and thinking skills file.


What are the implications they have about learning? 

How does it change the way we find information?

What skills or types of thinking are necessary to access this information?

What types of thinking are emphasized more than when you were in middle school/high school?

Do you have all of these thinking skills?



Click on the "Edit" tab. Remember to add your initials and click "Save" when you are done. 





The idea of learning is changing.  I gathered that being able to find information using technology may be more important than simply knowing.  Finding information is a skill. Applying information is a skill.  Making connections is a skill.  All skills are  a necessity.   In addition, in regaerds to technology, while it seems like the internet is a complex place, it really has a lot of advantages over a library, advantages we should embrace.  For example, by typing in a single word into a search engine we can have thousands of sources at our fingertips in the matter of a second.  In the 21st century, learning is a dynamic process that requires interaction between the learner, knowledge, and technology. A person's experiences help shape their understanding.  In addition, social interactions are also important and an important component of the learning process.  KY







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