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Unit 2: Construction of a Wiki

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Unit 2: Construction of a Wiki




Technology can be incorporated into a classroom easily through the use of wikis.

When developing any new tool for your classroom it is important to conduct a needs assessment in order to plan for explicit instruction.

This can not be done until you understand how a wiki works and how to create a wiki space that fosters a safe learning environment.



Participants will create a PB Works wiki page meeting the following objectives:

  • create a wiki with a front page and one additional page containing images and links
  • create log-in names and passwords for 5 students to edit the wiki

What is a Wiki?


Click on the link below to learn more about what wikis are:


Wikis in Plain English


In Unit 1, you were asked to click the “Edit” and “Save” tabs several times to change information in this wiki space.

You have been doing the fundamentals of wiki editing and will get further practice throughout this course.


Wikis are great places to collaborate on a subject like a camping trip or poetry or math.

You will learn more about the pedagogy of wiki use in the classroom in Unit 3.

However, the first step to using a wiki is creating a wiki.

Create an Account


The first step to creating your wiki is to go to www.pbworks.com to make an account.

On the top of the screen you will see the tabs "For Businesses" "For Educators" "For Personal"

Scroll over the "For Educators" tab and click "Sign up now." 

I recommend choosing the "Basic Plan" because it is free to use.


Choose an address that represents your wiki site.

For example, I created a wiki on Wind Turbines.

I choose the address: misswarneronwind


Next, click "I agree that this workspace is for non-commercial use only."

You must create an account with your name, email address you want notifications sent to

and a password to access the PBWorks account.




Now you can log in and begin developing your wiki learning space.

Watch the video below to see the first steps in changing settings and wiki editing:

Basics of PBWorks


Did wiki editing look familiar?

Throughout this course you have been editing this PBWorks wiki as your students will do in the future.


Links, Videos, Images, Plug-Ins and New Pages


Watch the video below to learn how to insert links, images, plug-ins and new pages.

(Unlike this video, the icon for adding links has changed to a chain and "Add Link" text.)


PBWorks Demo



Often, students can get off task if multiple browser windows are open at once.

To avoid this you can embed a movie clip into the wiki without having to leave the page.

Watch the video below to see how to embed videos in PBWorks:


Embedding in PBWorks



Creating Log-In Names and Passwords


As the administrator of a PBWorks wiki page, you can control the user settings.

This means you can decide how much freedom students have on the wiki.


Page-level only can only access pages you explicitly give them access to.

Readers can view pages, but not edit.

Writers can view and edit pages.

Editors can view, edit and delete pages, and also change page and folder settings.

Administrators always can do anything on pages and folders.




Click on "Users" which is the third tab from the left.

From here you can view and edit the current user settings.

To add new users, click the "Add more users" button on the left under the "Users" tab.


You can either 1. Enter your students email addresses and choose the permission level.

These users will be placed on the workspace users list as "Unverified" until the student accepts the invitation.


OR 2. Click the "create accounts for your students" link.               

Choose how many student accounts you want to create and their permission level.

You can use the username and password provided or

enter a name of your choice in "Name," which will become the username, and choose a password for this user.

Next, click "Continue" and check for spelling before clicking "Create Accounts."


Once you have created the accounts, you can print a list that can be distributed to your students as well as a master list for yourself.


Remember you can change the permission level of your users at anytime if necessary.  

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Unit 2.2 : Make Your Own


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